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Why does my rabbit chew his cage bars? What.

19/09/2011 · So I have had my bunny since april 2011. He has always chewed on his cage from the moment i got him. I now have him in a dog cage. he still chews on the bars. Even when i let him out he still chews on his play pen bars. he has more than enough room to play. he also many toys to chew on and plenty of food. he pulls on his play pen. 02/09/2010 · I have a 7 month old rabbit named Chester. The breeder said he's Dutch, but I don't know. Anyways, that's not the problem. Here recently, for the past 2 months or so, he has been chewing on the cage bars. Is this normal behavior? How do I stop it? The chewing gets very annoying and he keeps wetting his bedding from the water bottle. Rabbit & Bunny Cages After buying or adopting a new bunny or rabbit, the first thing you’ll need to purchase is a rabbit cage to keep him or her safe indoors or out. A bunny cage can be as compact as a couple of square feet, or as elaborate and spacious as a ramp filled, multi-level cage. Bunny won't stop chewing the cage bars. Behavior. I just got my bunny about 3 weeks ago, the place we got it from never told us if it was a male or female, and it's only about 8 weeks old now. She/He first started biting the cage bars about two weeks ago, I looked up advice. 02/10/2006 · Hi, my bunny keeps biting on her cage does she want out? I let her out an hour a day, isnt that enough? It takes me forever to put her back in her cage. she has things to chew on, so its not that. I have class in an hour or so and it takes me a long time to get her back in her cage, what should I do?

While these things look attractive on the pet supply shelf, putting them to use is another story. If you choose to house your bunny in a plastic cage with plastic dinnerware and other accessories, you'll find yourself replacing items often and at some point will come home to find a bunny cage. Oftentimes new bunny owners surrender their pet rabbits to a shelter because they are destructive. Learn ways to deal with rabbit chewing and digging.

Guinea pigs' teeth grow continuously throughout their life, so they need to chew regularly to keep their teeth down to a healthy size. Chewing on their cage bars could mean they do not have enough things to chew on, but most likely they simply enjoy the feeling of the metal bars. How to train and discipline your rabbit to stop chewing doors and frame. It can be hard to use training and discipline with a bunny. Firstly you have to catch them in the act or any telling off will be wasted, secondly you have to judge the right amount of discipline to use or you could do more harm then good. Building a cardboard castle for your pet bunny is an easy, inexpensive way to keep him/her busy. Your bunny will spend hours on “renovation”, chewing new doorways and taking down walls. Read more » Bonding Your Pet Bunnies. A second bunny can provide. 17/12/2008 · Help: Stop rabbit from chewing cage bars Hi,. It is boredom, so a bunny friend will help as will a bigger cage, more exercise time, more time with you and some interactive toys. Mummy to Molly, a Black Broken Mini Rex, 8 yrs old, and Gerry, a Black Otter Lionhead X Dwarf Lop, 7 yrs old.

10/12/2019 · How to Stop a Rabbit That Is Kicking the Cage in the Night By Beth Williams. Share on. chewing carpet, digging at furniture and kicking cage bars at night -- than a well-socialized, active rabbit. How to Take Care of a Pet Bunny Rabbit. As usual, bigger is better. If your bunny will spend most of its time in a cage, then get the biggest cage that is practical in the home. As a general rule, the cage should be at least 4 times the size of the rabbit. A guide is 24" by 36" for smaller rabbits less than 8 lbs. or 30" by 36" for larger rabbits. Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Indoor and Outdoor Bunny cage on Wheels with 3 Deep No Leakage Pull Out Tray,Waterproof Roof. 3.6 out of 5 stars 26. $169.99 $ 169. 99. $9.00 coupon applied. Save $9.00 with coupon. FREE Shipping. It comes down to your bunny’s personality. The new playmate can distract your bunny from chewing. No matter what, keep in mind that your bunny is relying on you. They need your love and support, even when they are frustrating you by chewing. Always be patient with your bunny, and remember your commitment to be a great pet owner. bar chewing can cause brain damage and broken teeth.Probably your Gerbil/hamster/rabbit is chewing on the bars from boredom.Try to arrange your toys around the cage so they will be more interested and will explore playing with their toys in a new place.You could get a barless cage or an aquarium tostop the bar chewing or give it a tree.

12/06/2017 · What would be considered ‘normal’ destructive behavior for rabbits? Rabbits are, by nature, bound to exhibit some behaviors that are, for lack of a better word, destructive — it’s understanding which behaviors are hazardous for your bunny or yourself that’s important. Chewing and urinating on things are normal behaviors for rabbits. As I type this, one bunny is gnawing on her cage, one is sleeping, and the third is munching on some hay. The chewing one is doing so because she wants to go visit the sleeping one. But then again, she's the jerk bunny. Our cage rattler has, in the past, used her rattling technique to unlock her cage. There are many different reasons your hamster bar-chewing habit has become excessive. The main ones are simple things like boredom, the cage is too small or merely wanting your attention. Their Cage is Too Small. If the cage’s floor space is under 360 square inches, the bar-chewing could be a symptom of your hamster feeling trapped. 06/02/2013 · She is out of the cage for around 5-6 hours a day, I can't possibly let her out for longer a I am at work/asleep. When I put her back in the cage overnight she constantly gnaws on the wires. It keeps me awake all night! I only live in a small flat so I can hear it very easily. She has plenty of toys, wood, hay and allsorts for her. 29/03/2019 · How to Train a Rabbit to Stop Chewing Carpet. This is typical bunny behavior,. If nothing else seems to work, say "NO" and put the bad bunny into his cage for a short time and ignore the angry shaking and rattling of cage bars. Thanks! Yes No. Not Helpful 14 Helpful 2.

Bunny won't stop chewing the cage bars.Rabbits.

09/04/2011 · How to stop bunny from chewing cage? Answer Save. 2 Answers. Relevance. Anonymous. 9 years ago. Best answer. My bunnies do this! They rather chew the hutch rather than their toys sometimes! So you should get some wooden toys they can chew from a pet shop or ebay etc.

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